Mahavir Jayanti Celebration / Празднование Махавира Джаянти

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Today is another special day called “Mahavir Jayanti”.

Quick Facts!

» Mahavir’s full name is Vardhamana Mahavir.
» Ahimsa or non-violence of life is the main principle of Jainism.
» The term ‘Jain’ has been derived from Jina, which means ‘The Conqueror’.

As i always sugarcoat things about India in most of my posts, here also we are doing the same before we go further about Mahavira. Facts should be placed first.

In India every other day is a reason to celebrate. India is a country filled with diversity, and every community has its unique set of celebrations.

Mahavir Jayanti is one of such religious festivals that is celebrated by the Jain community in India.

Usually celebrated in the last month of Chaitra, Mahavir Jayanti 2018 comes to be celebrated today on March 29. 


Places of worship

Celebrated in all parts of the country, this religious festival [(put a link in the word FESTIVAL; is dedicated to Mahavira.

The Jain temples in different parts of the country display Jain religion in the best of ways. Not only that, they are also great tourist attractions for being home to some amazing carvings and great architecture.


You might have gone through our past blog about The Ranakpur Temple ( this is one of the example of marvelous architecture of Jain Temples in India.


How do we celebrate it?

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Mahavir, the founder of Jain religion who taught the world the essence of ‘Unity of Life’. Mahavir’s idol is given a holy bath on this day known as ‘abhishek’ and devotees make offerings of milk, rice, fruit, and incense.


Some Inspirational words from us

As human beings all of us surely realize this after reading the great epics of different religions. All the religious books in this world teach that Humanity is the crux for a peaceful and blissful living in and as a society.


Be it the teachings of Mahavir, Buddha or Gurunanak Dev or the versus of the Holy Bible or Holy Quran. It can also be the great Ramayana or the Holy Bhagavat Gita.

They all teach human beings about the full circle of life.

A life to be lead by being humble and humane.

What else! That’s all for now…

Stay tuned for keeping up with amazing facts about India.

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Празднование Махавира Джаянти

(День рождения Махавира Джайна)

Дорогие наши друзья, и там и всям!

Сегодня еще один особый день под названием «Махавир Джаянти» и повод к вам обратиться…



»Полное имя Махавира – Вардхаман Махавир.
«Ахимса или ненасилия жизни это главный принцип Джайнизма.
»Термин «Джайн» был получен от слово Джины, что означает «Завоеватель».


Поскольку я всегда подслащиваю вещи о Индии в своих пост, здесь то же самое, но прежде чем идти дальше о Махавире, Сначала следует указать факты:


В Индии ч/з каждый день – есть повод праздновать. Индия – страна, наполненная разнообразием, и у каждого сообщества есть свой уникальный праздник.

Махавир Джаянти – один из таких религиозных праздников, который отмечается сообществом джайнов в Индии.

Обычно отмечаемый в последний месяц Чаитры, Махавир Джаянти 2018 года отмечается сегодня 29 марта.


Где отмечается

Празднуемый во всех уголках страны, этот религиозный фестиваль [(ссылка на слово FESTIVAL, )] посвящена Махавиру.

Джайнские храмы в разных частях страны представляют джайнскую религию наилучшим образом. Не только это, они также являются прекрасными туристическими достопримечательностями, и местом для удивительных резьб и великолепной архитектуры.


Возможно, вы прошли через наш прошлый блог о Храме Ранакпур [THE RANAKPUR TEMPLE] (, это один из пример чудесной архитектуры храмов Джайнизма в Индии.


Как отмечается

Махавир Джаянти празднуется в честь дня рождении Махавира, основателя религии Джайнизма, который научил миру сущности «Единства жизни». В этот день кумиру Махавира даётся святая баня, известна как «абхишек», а преданные делают жертвы из молока, риса, фруктов и ладана.


Некоторые вдохновенные слов от нас

Как люди, все мы, конечно, осознаем это после прочтения великих эпосов разных религий. Все религиозные книги в этом мире учат, что Человечество – это основа мирного и блаженного, живущего и как общество.

Будь то учение Махавира, Будды или Гурунунака Дева или Святой Библии или Священного Корана, также может быть великая Рамаяна или Святая Бхагават Гита:

Все они учат людей всему кругу жизни. Жизнь должна вести себя скромно и гуманно.

Что еще! Это все на данный момент …


Оставайтесь с нами, чтобы не отставать от удивительных фактов об Индии.

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Shahid Diwas (день мучеников)

23-03 Shahid Diwas 1

Shahid Diwas (Martyrs`s Day): The anniversary of the deaths of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru on 23 March, 1931, is declared to be Martyr’s Day.

Bhagat Singh was an Indian socialist revolutionary whose two acts of dramatic violence against the British in India and execution at age 23 made him a folk hero of the Indian independence movement.

In December 1928, Bhagat Singh and an associate, Shivaram Rajguru, fatally shot a 21-year-old British police officer, John Saunders, in Lahore, British India, mistaking Saunders, who was still on probation, for the British police superintendent, James Scott, whom they had intended to assassinate. They believed Scott was responsible for the death of popular Indian nationalist leader Lala Lajpat Rai, by having ordered a lathi charge in which Rai was injured, and, two weeks after which, died of a heart attack. Saunders was felled by a single shot from Rajguru, a marksman. He was then shot several times by Singh, the postmortem report showing eight bullet wounds. Another associate of Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, shot dead an Indian police constable, Chanan Singh, who attempted to pursue Singh and Rajguru as they fled.

Singh was thereafter on the run for many months, and no convictions resulted at the time. Surfacing again in April 1929, he and another associate, Batukeshwar Dutt, exploded two improvised bombs inside the Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi. They showered leaflets from the gallery on the legislators below, shouted slogans, and then allowed the authorities to arrest them. The arrest, and the resulting publicity, had the effect of bringing to light Singh’s complicity in the John Saunders case. Awaiting trial, Singh gained much public sympathy after he joined fellow defendant Jatin Das in a hunger strike, demanding better prison conditions for Indian prisoners, and ending in Das’s death from starvation in September 1929. Singh was convicted and hanged in March 1931, aged 23.

Bhagat Singh became a popular folk hero after his death. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote about him, “Bhagat Singh did not become popular because of his act of terrorism but because he seemed to vindicate, for the moment, the honour of Lala Lajpat Rai, and through him of the nation. He became a symbol; the act was forgotten, the symbol remained, and within a few months each town and village of the Punjab, and to a lesser extent in the rest of northern India, resounded with his name. In still later years, Singh, an atheist and socialist in life, won admirers in India from among a political spectrum that included both Communists and right-wing Hindu nationalists. Although many of Singh’s associates, as well as many Indian anti-colonial revolutionaries, were also involved in daring acts, and were either executed or died violent deaths, few came to be lionized in popular art and literature to the same extent as Singh.

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Шахид Дивас (день мучеников): годовщина смерти Бхагата Сингха, Сухдева Тапара и Шиварама Раджгуру 23 марта 1931 года объявляется днем ​​мученика.

Бхагат Сингх был индийским социалистическим революционером, два акта драматического насилия против англичан в Индии и казнь в возрасте 23 лет сделали его народным героем индийского движения за независимость.

В декабре 1928 года Бхагат Сингх и его помощник Шиварам Раджгуру смертельно расстреляли 21-летнего британского полицейского Джона Сондерса в Лахоре, Британская Индия, приняв Сондерса, который все еще находился на испытательном сроке, за британского полицейского надзирателя Джеймса Скотта, которого они собирались убить. Они полагали, что Скотт был ответственен за гибель популярного индийского националистического лидера Лала Лайпат Рай, заказав обвинение в Батонский заряд, в котором раи был ранен, а через две недели умер от сердечного приступа. Сондерс был убит одним выстрелом из стрелка Раджгуру. Затем он несколько раз выстрелил Сингхом, посмертный отчет показал восемь пулевых ран. Другой помощник Сингха, Чандра Шехар Азад, застрелил индийского полицейского констебля, Чанана Сингха, который пытался преследовать Сингха и Раджгуру, когда они бежали.

Сингх был в беге в течение многих месяцев. Еще раз в апреле 1929 года он и другой сподвижник Батукешвар Датт взорвали две импровизированные бомбы в Центральном законодательном собрании в Дели. Они осыпали листовки из галереи на законодателях ниже, выкрикивали лозунги, а затем разрешали властям арестовывать их. Арест и, как следствие, реклама, привели к тому, что он стал популярным. В ожидании суда Сингх получил много общественного сочувствия после того, как он присоединился к одноименному ответчику Джатину Дасу в голодовке, требуя лучших условий содержания в тюрьме для индийских заключенных и заканчивая смертью Даса от голода в сентябре 1929 года. Сингх был осужден и повешен в марте 1931 года в возрасте 23 лет ,

Бхагат Сингх стал популярным народным героем после его смерти. Джавахарлал Неру писал о нем: «Бхагат Сингх не стал популярным из-за его террористического акта, а потому, что он, по-видимому, в настоящий момент оправдал честь Лалы Лайпат Рай и через него нации. Он стал символом; акт был забыт, символ остался, и в течение нескольких месяцев каждый город и деревня Пенджаб и, в меньшей степени, в остальной части северной Индии, прозвали его именем. Еще в последующие годы Сингх, атеист и социалист, жизнь, завоевала поклонников в Индии из политического спектра, в который входили как коммунисты, так и правые индуистские националисты. Хотя многие из партнеров Сингха, а также многие индийские антиколониальные революционеры также принимали участие в смелых действиях и были либо казнены, либо умерли насильственные смерти, немногие стали львиными в народное искусство и литературу в той же степени, что и Сингх.

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С 8 Марта


С праздником весны, очарования, красоты и женственности!

Пусть каждый день будет таким, как этот: наполнен улыбками, восхищением, любовью, заботой и радостью. Будьте счастливы, ощущая себя женщинами, принцессами, королевами. С 8 Марта, милые дамы!


Happy Women’s Day! You ladies have always been a source of inspiration for the family and the society.

May every day be celebrated like this: filled with smiles, admiration, love, care and joy. Be happy, feeling like women, princesses, Queens.

Congratulations again on 8th March!

Holi – Indian festival of Colors

Monks & Monkeys Travels Pvt Ltd

Well, the most awaited festival Holi is here!!

Yes, the most colorful time of the year is almost here! Do you have your Gulal ready? Or perhaps the more mischievous among you are arming yourselves with Pichkaris and water balloons? No matter your gadget of choice, it’s guaranteed to be a day of glorious color. Read on to learn all about Holi, including a legend of the battle between good and evil, why you’ll be drenched in the colors of the rainbow, and the festival’s intoxicating unofficial drink.

Holi is one of the major festival of India and is the most vibrant of all. The joys of Holi knows no 😉 bound. The festival is celebrated across the four corners of India or rather across the globe. The festival is filled with Joy. Monks & Monkeys invites you all to this great festival to visit atleast once in a life-time. (y)

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Okay so, just got the news that Mr Kapil Mohan, the soldier-turned-businessman who popularised India’s most iconic brand of rum, has passed away at the age of 88 after suffering from cardiac attack on Jan 6.

Let’s thank him for giving us the best beverage, let’s raise a toast to Old Monk’s old man.


There are many many reasons why we have immense love and respect for the drink. Kicking off our winter campaign for the next couple of weeks, here’s presenting everything you’ve probably ever wanted to know about the elixir of life — Rum. From the likes of colonels and admirals to their ‘brats’; from the broke college freshers to the seasoned alcohol-lovers, rum (and Old Monk) has been a love affair for many. The the question of how to drink Old Monk has been asked in every age, by every Indian.

And here we are to stoke those fires, this winter.


First Things First

This is the bottle that has been passed on from generation to generation — an acquired taste, a culture to cultivate without burning a hole in your pocket. So, there are three basic reasons why rum continues to be India’s favourite alcohol, especially when the cold season sets in. And then there are more.

Firstly, It’s cheap. It’s not the kind of cheap that will have you worried about alcohol poisoning, and yet, it’s pocket-friendly enough that people can partake once a week.

Secondly, a lot of the advertising when it comes to rum is entirely word of mouth. And unlike brands who spend a lot of money on marketing and branding, rum just happens to be cheap and versatile enough that people recommend it to one another. It’s the fabric of all weekend drinking and BYOB parties.

Thirdly, it’s one of the most versatile drinks that there is. You can chug rum neat (enjoying the flavour of molasses), mix it with coke or soda. People have their own favourite combinations and they can be as specific as “shaken, not stirred” or as generic as “with ice please, thanks very much”.

What’s In It For Me?

In a country like ours, it is a bit commendable though that instead of wasting precious food, we are using a byproduct to create something we end up loving — Rum. But the thing is, rum never pretends. Rum, you can take at face value. Fermented molasses and aged for years (Old Monk is aged for seven years), to make a smooth, dark drink that contains about 40 percent alcohol.


Old Monk & Us

With the winters setting in, Old Monk is the go-to drink for a lot of drinkers. It makes you feel warm and cosy, (It doesn’t actually do that but more on that later.) and is smooth enough for you to welcome in a night of debauchery. It’s also perfect as a remedy for cold and cough when you take a spoonful with lukewarm water.

For years, drinking rum has meant drinking the Monk. As the oldest distillery in these parts and having a strong army connection (more for morale, amirite?), Old Monk has been hailed as one of the oldest brands that has been supplying a boost to the troops, be it in the defence forces or the merchant navy class.

All in all, there are a bunch of reasons that make rum special for Indians and having a movie about it, is not the worst thing. But for us, it has to be the flavour of nostalgia, and the easy-going nature of this drink that has us hooked to this wondrous elixir.


Old Monk – Kills the germs inside as well as outside!

This Rum can also be used as an antiseptic. Drink a little, enjoy some more, and if you trip and fall while you’re high, just apply the drink to your bruised ass and you’re good to go!This Rum can also be used as an antiseptic. Drink a little, enjoy some more, and if you trip and fall while you’re high, just apply the drink to your bruised ass and you’re good to go!


It has been delivering happiness to our Tourists as well. Old Monk is more than a beverage for us.

The Old Monk is an Indian brand and is loved by people all around the world. In India, the hype is such that we’ve heard some people even campaigned for the Monk to be made the national drink of India!


Thats all for now about our very own Old Monk. I hope you liked the post.

Keep smiling!



RAJNIGANDHA : Flavored Pan Massala, India

Hey everyone!

So today’s topic is not what we talk about usually. Actually it was yesterday when i met this lady named Rethabile from south Africa who kept on narrating me about her life in Durban. We talked about several things and suddenly she asked me about Rajnigandha that she saw in her driver’s hand.

I explained her n thought that many foreigners might just want to know about it. so i here collected some information about Rajnigandha and writing down for you guys.

Soooo Rajnigandha: The taste of success, is functioning in a category of Pan Massala and has placed itself as a premium brand.


Rajnigandha, said to have secret ingredients like many other iconic brands such as Coca-Cola and KFC, is the largest selling pan masala brand in the country today.

How it was created?

Pan (betel leaf stuffed with sweeteners) has been very peculiar to many parts of India – UP, MP, Bihar and even Maharashtra – right from time immemorial. As time progressed, life picked up speed and people started investing much more time in traveling. It became difficult for pan-lovers to get the same taste of their pan everywhere. And this was how the pan masala was born so that people could carry their favourite pan in a packaged dry form, initially sold by the panwallahs.


CK Sharma, Business Head, Mouth Fresheners, DS Group, said there were two problems associated with pan consumption. Explaining, he added, “Across the country there is no consistency of quality and taste, since it is made by different panwallahs. The second problem is hygiene. There was a latent requirement of pan-eating consumers to upgrade to the next level of chewing ‘pan’.”


Soon after the launch, DS Group knew the importance of advertising for brand building and came up with their first ad ‘Swaad Rajnigandha ka Sabse Nirala’ (The supreme taste of Rajnigandha). The communication was made to target the youth and thus was colourful, full of fun and celebrating life. The campaign featured Bollywood actors Avinash Wadhawan and Shikha Swaroop, crooning to ‘Swaad Rajnigandha ka Sabse Nirala’. In the ad, they were shown enjoying, meeting in the parks and going on drives.


In the 1990s, the brand started getting further popularity and the next campaign showed the Rajnigandha protagonist handling petty day-to-day challenges in unique ways. Hence, the campaign was ‘Swaad zara hat ke’ (A taste like none other).


They kkept on updating their marketing strategies. I cant stop laughing at their new subtitle Muh mei ranjnigandha, Kadmo mei duniya!! if i had to translate, it says “the world comes to your feet when you taste Rajnigandha” 😉



In 1983, Rajnigandha was launched with the 100 gram, 250 gram, and 1 kg tins and later began manufacturing composite boxes, which were not made of metal but a mixture that contained cardboard and made the pack lighter. In 1986-87, the 4-gram pouches were launched for on-the-go consumers and in 1991; 20-gram zipper pouches were introduced. For a longer shelf life, the new vacuum pouches were launched in 1996. In 2012, new packaging of tin boxes with ribs was launched for 100-gram packs. Then came a slew of smaller packaging of 0.8 grams and four grams over a period of time.


Sharma said, “The kind of smaller packs we have launched in the last 4-5 years have attracted the young consumers. The young consumer actually wants it to use pan masala as a mouth freshener at different times. After a meal, they will take a little bit, after smoking they will try it. Their style or reason for eating is changing. And that is how we are getting the young consumers.”



Alright that’s all for now. I am also looking forward try one.

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Shopping is undeniably an important part of any tour. No matter wherever we go but purchasing the souvenirs and buying the small/big things is something that we all love.


Shopping is more fun when we get the best quality over a competitive price.

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