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Okay so, just got the news that Mr Kapil Mohan, the soldier-turned-businessman who popularised India’s most iconic brand of rum, has passed away at the age of 88 after suffering from cardiac attack on Jan 6.

Let’s thank him for giving us the best beverage, let’s raise a toast to Old Monk’s old man.


There are many many reasons why we have immense love and respect for the drink. Kicking off our winter campaign for the next couple of weeks, here’s presenting everything you’ve probably ever wanted to know about the elixir of life — Rum. From the likes of colonels and admirals to their ‘brats’; from the broke college freshers to the seasoned alcohol-lovers, rum (and Old Monk) has been a love affair for many. The the question of how to drink Old Monk has been asked in every age, by every Indian.

And here we are to stoke those fires, this winter.


First Things First

This is the bottle that has been passed on from generation to generation — an acquired taste, a culture to cultivate without burning a hole in your pocket. So, there are three basic reasons why rum continues to be India’s favourite alcohol, especially when the cold season sets in. And then there are more.

Firstly, It’s cheap. It’s not the kind of cheap that will have you worried about alcohol poisoning, and yet, it’s pocket-friendly enough that people can partake once a week.

Secondly, a lot of the advertising when it comes to rum is entirely word of mouth. And unlike brands who spend a lot of money on marketing and branding, rum just happens to be cheap and versatile enough that people recommend it to one another. It’s the fabric of all weekend drinking and BYOB parties.

Thirdly, it’s one of the most versatile drinks that there is. You can chug rum neat (enjoying the flavour of molasses), mix it with coke or soda. People have their own favourite combinations and they can be as specific as “shaken, not stirred” or as generic as “with ice please, thanks very much”.

What’s In It For Me?

In a country like ours, it is a bit commendable though that instead of wasting precious food, we are using a byproduct to create something we end up loving — Rum. But the thing is, rum never pretends. Rum, you can take at face value. Fermented molasses and aged for years (Old Monk is aged for seven years), to make a smooth, dark drink that contains about 40 percent alcohol.


Old Monk & Us

With the winters setting in, Old Monk is the go-to drink for a lot of drinkers. It makes you feel warm and cosy, (It doesn’t actually do that but more on that later.) and is smooth enough for you to welcome in a night of debauchery. It’s also perfect as a remedy for cold and cough when you take a spoonful with lukewarm water.

For years, drinking rum has meant drinking the Monk. As the oldest distillery in these parts and having a strong army connection (more for morale, amirite?), Old Monk has been hailed as one of the oldest brands that has been supplying a boost to the troops, be it in the defence forces or the merchant navy class.

All in all, there are a bunch of reasons that make rum special for Indians and having a movie about it, is not the worst thing. But for us, it has to be the flavour of nostalgia, and the easy-going nature of this drink that has us hooked to this wondrous elixir.


Old Monk – Kills the germs inside as well as outside!

This Rum can also be used as an antiseptic. Drink a little, enjoy some more, and if you trip and fall while you’re high, just apply the drink to your bruised ass and you’re good to go!This Rum can also be used as an antiseptic. Drink a little, enjoy some more, and if you trip and fall while you’re high, just apply the drink to your bruised ass and you’re good to go!


It has been delivering happiness to our Tourists as well. Old Monk is more than a beverage for us.

The Old Monk is an Indian brand and is loved by people all around the world. In India, the hype is such that we’ve heard some people even campaigned for the Monk to be made the national drink of India!


Thats all for now about our very own Old Monk. I hope you liked the post.

Keep smiling!




Джеки Чан в Индии

Всем привет!! 🙂

Cегодня в блоге- очень особенное и необычное. Как вы можете видеть название блога “Джеки Чан в Индии и об Индии”. Да, он говорил про болливуд И о своей любви к Индии.


Болливудские танцы, вероятно, лучше в мире, говорит Джеки Чан “Когда мне было 16 лет, я смотрел индийские филмы. Я не понимал языка, но смотрел танцы. За последние 15 лет, я смотрю филмы на хинди… Почему? Из за танцев, движения на столько хороши, что вероятно, они лучше в мире”, сказал Джеки на мероприятии. ” Ранее в болливуде и китайских фильмах, действия и танцы были не в совершенстве. Но сейчас у нас есть деньги и технологии, и теперь мы модем обучать людей. В настоящее время болливуд производит одни из лучших фильмов в Азии”. Добавил он.


В аэропорту Мумбая 62-летнего актера ждала традиционная индийская встреча с обязательными гирляндами и тилакой. Было множество поклонников и журналистов, в сторону которых король кунг-фу сделал жест приветствия «намасте». Гидом знаменитого актера выступал Сону Суд.


Главной целью визита Джеки Чана в Индию является продвижение нового фильма «Кунг-фу йога», в котором он играет вместе с индийскими актерами: Диша Патани, Сону Суд и Амира Дастур.


Говоря о своей любви к индийскому народу: Я здесь для создания фильмов, благотвориткльных фондов, кинофестивалей, потому что я люблю вас всех.

Джеки, мы же любим вас.


Спасибо за чтение. 🙂