Read the blogs from Monks and Monkeys travels, the easiest way to know Incredible India with all heart and soul. Here, we will be uploading the best of India in order to make you aware of all about this Incredible nation. Stay in touch – mail us- know us – visit us.

Visit to the mystical land of India which is an exhilarating experience, which helps you to rediscover the true essence of India. Monks & Monkeys Travels Pvt. Ltd., is now in your approach to make your dream come true.

It`s a Destination Management Company which deals in MICE and Leisure Travel Segment. It`s one of the most popular Tour Operator in India. With its experienced, efficient and multilingual staff available 24 x 7 round the year to draw a complete tailor-made programme to suit your needs and to supervise every stage of the tour and event. Founded in the year 2008 by Dr Arvind Kumar & Dr Sharad Kumar Jindal with the mission to discover a better way to bring the world to India, Monks & Monkeys Travels offers you details on holiday packages that take you to the most amazing destinations in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

We maintain a strong focus on sustainable tourism, and a commitment to constant forward movement in terms of service, quality and value for money. Every year we do have thousands of satisfied guests who depart with a smile and with lovely memories of India. This has enabled us to offer a quality & personalized service and superb value for money by putting our client`s needs first, than anything else.

The dedicated and versatile team of Monks & Monkeys Travels who are well qualified and are experienced with practical knowledge of the concern destination, our team do keep themselves in the shoe of guest and plan their program as requested. In addition to the personalized service we assure our clients of prompt responses to all their concerns. And our promptness in replies, readiness to serve, and homely hospitality give us an edge and make us different from other travel companies in India. We work as per the requirement of the guest and do add our valuable suggestion for a successful and hassle free tour within India.

We pride ourselves on our prompt communication, so you can make decisions about your holiday and finalize flight arrangements without delay. We are having best fleets of latest car/coaches all over the country. As we have very good and long relationships with all major hotels in India, we can offer you best prices in hotel booking.

We helps our clients to accomplish their dreams with our cutting edge services. Our panel of experts helps you to get a customized service according to your taste and requirements. We believe in leaving our clients awestruck by the Indian spirit, beauty, culture and the contemporary Indian lifestyle and the overall experience they would have once they visit India. India is land of varied colourful dimensions. The land which is always evolving with time and maintaining its old world charm and heritage as an asset. The land of festivals, religion, spirituality, seasons and things untold and unexplored. Monks and Monkeys have always pioneered the exciting concept which makes the Indian subcontinent more and more tempting destination to explore.

Our tours are carefully crafted and packaged to enrich your experience and trust. The desert frontiers of Rajasthan, Snow Clad Himalayan Getaways, Incredibly Gorgeous South India, Sun Soaked beaches of Goa and Coastal India, the Wild Encounters and Safaris, the Sensuous Sculptures on granite, Serene Landscapes, Monuments Edifices of five millennia that too with a blend of modern and in sync technology.

We specialize in group and personal travel and shall be overwhelmed to design a customized special interest holiday for you. We assure the best value for your money by providing quality service and support. Our services begin with the arrival transfer and till the final departure, which includes full guidance, assistance and support from our expert professionals throughout the tour. The company is fully equipped with modern amenities and technology and provides resolutions on the queries within 24 hours. Our experts are always ready to provide updated information regarding destinations like India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and other International Destination too.

Although in the ocean of tour operators, we might look like a mere drop, but we believe in the philosophy that even a drop can leave its mark on the hard rock with its consistence hard work.

The vision by which we serve our clients will leave them content and in a profound bliss. We promise that travelling with us will redefine the idea of travel to the picturesque locales that we have to offer.

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