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Ranakpur – The Jain Temple

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I am uploading most of the blogs on Rajasthan itself cuz i am very much influenced by it. New Year Tour in Rajasthan from Monks n Monkeys was an unforgettable experience.

Driving in Rajasthan in India has its rewards. A slight detour off the road from Jodhpur to Udaipur, led us to the magnificent Jain temple of Ranakpur. Its around only an hour from Udaipur but with the Aravali Hills around makes us feel as though we are miles away.

Jainism is a religion who’s main belief is of non violence towards any living thing. This includes the tiniest living micro-organisms to insects and larger species. They also try not to injure plants…root vegetables are not eaten as pulling up these vegetables involves killing the entire plant. Honey is also forbidden as its collection would amount to violence against the bees.

The Jain temple at Ranakpur dates back to 1439AD. This date has been inscribed into one of the 1444 carved marble pillars that supports the many turrets, domes and cupolas…all of them marble…..the entire temple is constructed from beautiful white marble!


As you enter the temple, You are taken back by the sight of all these beautiful marble columns. The carvings are exquisite. Incredibly, no two columns are alike. There’s twenty nine halls within the temple complex and as well as the main temple, Chaumukha Mandir there are two other smaller temples and a sun temple.


Carvings like the one below can be find in the temple. You can see how intricate the work is in the close up picture.


One of the priests will welcome you to the temple by marking your forehead with a mixture of sandalwood coloured with saffron. They will also offer their services as a guide to show you around the temple in return for a small donation.  I can recommend it…it’s definitely the way to learn about the intricacies of this magnificent temple.

Have you been to Ranakpur? 

If no, visit n get your tour tailored.

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So0O Wow Temples Of South-India!

Hey there! This friday we are talking about the majestic temples of south India.

If you have any plan for a vacation to South India this season, then you must visit the magnificent temples that decorate the region throughout. These Dravidian architecture masterpieces are a great way to discover hidden historical facts, and cultural secrets. These temples showcase the greatest of temple architecture in India, and here are the top five South Indian temples that you must visit.


  • Meenakshi Temple, Madurai:Ancient Madurai was one of the biggest religious and cultural centers of India, and it is also the home to the most impressive temples of South India. Meenakshi temple is one South Indian temple you must definitely see, the temple complex is spread over 15 acress, with 4500 pillars and 12 towers. The most stunning feature about the temple is its various sculpture, and then there’s the Chithrai festival that goes on for 12 days. During this festival the celestial marriage of god and goddess of the temple is re-enacted during the month of April. This is truly one of the top five South Indian temples.


  • Tirumala Venkateswara, Tirupati:This majestic temple is not only the part of our list of favorite South Indian temples, but is also one of the most amazing temples around the world. It is one of the most sacred temples of Vaishnavites, and is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, one of the most powerful gods in the Hindu religion. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, one of the richest religious bodies in the world, maintains this temple. The temple is also famous for the prasadam, Laddu. It has the largest solar power kitchen, and the whole temple complex uses only solar and wind energy. Moreover, around 75,000 devotees visit this temple every single day.


  • Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameshwaram:The Ramanathaswamy temple is known for its wondrous pillared-hallway that is the longest in India, with an amazingly painted ceiling. It is located in the holy city of Rameshwaram and just 100 mts from sea, where devotees have to take bath before entering the temple, and taking a bath in its 22 wells. The water in these wells is considered purifying and holy. Rameshwaram is located at the tip of Indian peninsular, and is a holy land from where Lord Rama and his army built a bridge to cross the sea to rescue Sita. It is definitely one of the top five South Indian temples.


  • Kumbakonam:The town of Kumbakonam is located 40 kms from Tanjore and is home to 18 temples, specially the Sarangapani temple. It is one of the top five south Indian temples. This town is best known for temple hopping, and Sarangapani, the most magnificent of all is a shrine in the form of a chariot. Then 4 kms from Kumbakonam, there’s also 12th century Airatesvara temple.


  • Thanjavur:Thanjavur is known to be the stronghold of Tamil culture during the 11th century, when Raja Raja I of Chola Kingdom built magnificent temples around the region. In total, Cholas built 70 temples in Thanjavus, with Brihadeswara being the most beautiful one, it is also known as the Big temple and is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The temple turned 1000 years old in 2010, and is the symbol of the might of Cholas, it is also one of the oldest temples in India that is dedicated to Lord Shiva.



Let me tell you that there are several other temples that i have not mentioned. So when are you heading to South India.

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Джеки Чан в Индии

Всем привет!! 🙂

Cегодня в блоге- очень особенное и необычное. Как вы можете видеть название блога “Джеки Чан в Индии и об Индии”. Да, он говорил про болливуд И о своей любви к Индии.


Болливудские танцы, вероятно, лучше в мире, говорит Джеки Чан “Когда мне было 16 лет, я смотрел индийские филмы. Я не понимал языка, но смотрел танцы. За последние 15 лет, я смотрю филмы на хинди… Почему? Из за танцев, движения на столько хороши, что вероятно, они лучше в мире”, сказал Джеки на мероприятии. ” Ранее в болливуде и китайских фильмах, действия и танцы были не в совершенстве. Но сейчас у нас есть деньги и технологии, и теперь мы модем обучать людей. В настоящее время болливуд производит одни из лучших фильмов в Азии”. Добавил он.


В аэропорту Мумбая 62-летнего актера ждала традиционная индийская встреча с обязательными гирляндами и тилакой. Было множество поклонников и журналистов, в сторону которых король кунг-фу сделал жест приветствия «намасте». Гидом знаменитого актера выступал Сону Суд.


Главной целью визита Джеки Чана в Индию является продвижение нового фильма «Кунг-фу йога», в котором он играет вместе с индийскими актерами: Диша Патани, Сону Суд и Амира Дастур.


Говоря о своей любви к индийскому народу: Я здесь для создания фильмов, благотвориткльных фондов, кинофестивалей, потому что я люблю вас всех.

Джеки, мы же любим вас.


Спасибо за чтение. 🙂


Rajasthan, mind boggling places

Hello everyone!!

Being in such a beautiful Travel planning company, I was fortunate enough to witness many of the wonderful places of Rajasthan, the land of maharajas. So today I am gonna list my favorites out of Rajasthan and you guys are requested to comment below your pick ups from Rajasthan and let me know your experience in Rajasthan.

With Indian Tourism reinventing itself state-by-state, there are a few gems that always top your must visit list – one of them being Rajasthan for sure.

My trip to the magical land of Kings was one of its kind, I was fortunate enough to travel with company’s specially designed “New Year’s Eve in Dessert package” .


Whenever I feel lonely or disgusted with my daily routine, I extract myself out from the barriers of my home and proceed on a short trip to rejuvenate my senses with fresh energy. Recently I visited Rajasthan, which is popularly known as “the land of Maharajas (Kings)”. Each and everywhere I found distinct qualities of sculptural art that flourished in the palaces, forts and royal halls, constructed at different times by the great rulers. In addition to these, the warm friendly people and their lifestyle and the rich and varied culture of Rajasthan fascinated me a lot.

Since now I’ve visited various charming destinations of Rajasthan such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Chittorgarh, Mandawa, Mount Abu etc. I am feeling glad to share the details of some of them. :

  1. Jaisalmer
    Since you’d be at the gateway to Thar, you just can’t afford to miss the camel safari through the sand dunes. The Jaisalmer Fort crowns the town with its sand-coloured walls and houses an old museum, telling stories of the royalty. The city is also peppered with beautiful Havelis built by wealthy merchants. The most famous of these Havelis is certainly the Patwon-Ki-Haveli, which is an absolute must-visit for its intricate architecture. Visit this place on the new year eve, celebrate your new year on Sam Sand Dunes, the Thar dessert. I bet you, this is going to be unforgettable.

A tip: It is time for you to be happy-high on some bhang! Don’t get me wrong this just my personal suggestion 😉 Foreigners better buy some rum or any other alcohol, local bhang is not recommended for you.

patwon ki haveli.jpg

2. Udaipur : The city of Udaipur offered me a warm welcome throu gh its magnificent marble palaces, forts, and conspicuous lakes as well as beautiful gardens. I visited the imposing City Palace, where I found interesting areas like Suraj Gokhada, Sheesh Mahal, Mor Chowk, Zeena Mahal, Darbar Hall etc. Next, the ornamented decorations of the Jagdish Temple and the serene outlook of the Lake Palace mesmerized me a lot. Get a boat ride, roam around around Lake Palace and other finest service providing properties of India. A few other places that might interest you are the stunning Jain Temple of Ranakpur and the Fateh Bagh Palace, which is now a heritage hotel.udaipur.jpg


3. Jaipur: Being the capital of Rajasthan, and a practical getaway for many, Jaipur is the most frequented city by tourists. And while you may be here for all the shopping and the Hawa Mahal, don’t miss out on the grand Amer Fort and the royal City Palace. If you’re a reader, plan your trip specifically for the month of January, as it brings with it the much sought-after Jaipur Literary festival, which is being organised in January, from 21st to 25th, this year. Also visit the festival for the deluge of musical variety it offers.

My suggestion: Try the elephant ride at the entrance of the Amer Fort instead of the usual walk-up.



4. Ajmer-Pushkar : My 2014 year’s visiting place in Rajasthan was to the city of Ajmer. Later I knew that it is the final resting place of the great Sufi Saint – Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. I paid my homage to Garib Nawaj here and also saw the Adhai-din-ka-Jhonpra. The Taragarh Fort and the Ana Sagar lake were also the other interesting places of Ajmer where I enjoyed a lot.

Next the holy town of Pushkar is not so far from here, which is home to famous Brahma Temple and Pushkar Lake. But I recommend to visit Pushkar while Pushkar fair is going on.


5. Jodhpur : I set out for Jodhpur by the same company’s new year tour. I heard from the common folk that this city is known as the ‘Sun City’. The impressive and formidable structure of the ‘Mehrangarh Fort’ gave me the idea about the defensive steps partaken by the Rajput warriors during the mediaeval periods. Apart from that, the rich decorations of the Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, and the Daulat Khana kept me enthralled. The other charming places of Jodhpur I visited were the Jaswant Thada, Girdikot, Sardar Market and the 20th century Umaid Bhawan Palace which is so fascinating.



About the rural people: Please meet the local people who are very friendly by nature. As they are bred and brought up in a rough and tough atmosphere, they are very strong both physically and mentally. They still regard themselves as the descendants of the mighty valiant heroes of Rajasthan. The rural people of Rajasthan carry on their livelihood through various professions like agriculture, cattle-breeding and pottery.

One of the most beautiful and diverse states in the country, it sure has something for every visitor who comes here.

download (1).jpgraj.jpg


Majestic forts and beautiful palaces, rolling sand dunes and hot air balloons, stories of hauntings and equally scary experiences, coupled with the warmth of the locals make up this exquisite treat called Rajasthan!

Words can not define Rajasthan. Come & visit.

Thanks for reading. 🙂