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Whenever it comes to food or travel – we all are choosy and we all have our own choices. So today I am gonna list my favorites out of Incredible India, comment below your pick ups and let me know your experience in India.

So, here’s a list of 10 of my favorite places which as per my view serves life changing experience. I recommend them to visit when you are young.

Disclaimer: This isn’t just for men! Places are not being ranked here, this is just a personal perception.


1- Solo trip to Kasol

Well, I don’t know why but I had to put Kasol in this list. 2014 was the first & only time when I visited Kasol with 3 of my friends. Two of them were purposely there to smoke the natural stuff however I am not a big fan of smoking but I definitely enjoyed the place. The road leading to this popular hill station is so nerve-rackingly dangerous that every time our bus took a sharp turn, I looked out the window with trepidation.

“Avinash said. “Because of its increasing popularity among tourists, maal in Kasol is getting expensive. We get 20 grams of top quality hash for 1,800 rupees. Kullu Valley is famous for top-quality charas which is sold namely as Malana Cream. The rates may go very high depending on the quality.

For me Kasol is not about getting high but a place where you can taste Israeli food, buy Bob Marley tshirts, picturesque sights n whatnot. I recommend to travel solo at least once in your life – Not only will you discover a new you and find a direction for yourself, but you’d return with experiences of a life time. And there’s no better place than Kasol to begin this adventure.


2- Conquer the fears of water with Scuba Diving in Andaman

I’ve never been to Andaman but Andaman is the name which makes me feel great.

Are you scared of water? Maybe it’s time to beat the fear out of you and dive in to the deep sea and overcome the fear of water and depths. Trust me, you’d be delighted at the sites underwater and it will keep you coming back for more. And if you are aqua lovers, it is no less than a paradise! Thinking about Andaman, reminds me of movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara”.

Scuba Diver swims over Coral Reef with Tropical Fish

3- Stay overnight at Marine Drive in Mumbai

Because of my Uncle living in Mumbai, I get to visit Mumbai with family. Mumbai never sleeps, it lets you live a carefree life. Mumbai is about its people, the spirit of enjoying the nightclubs and of course Bollywood. Live like a mumbaikar, Have vada pav and sip a chai on your way to the locals. Yeah! Truly a must visit place.



4- The Taj Mahal in Agra

I have already had enough of this place but it deserves to be in our list. Taj Mahal needs no introduction, Tourists across the world visit India just to witness the spectacular symbol of love.


5- Listen to the qawwalis at Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi

See, Delhi has much more to visit- my favorite place is definitely Akshardham temple but its all about experiencing something new. So I recommend you to enjoy your gateway to the city of Ghalib, Dilli. While you’re still young, explore the cultures of your magnificent country. A stop at Hazrat Nizamuddin’s Dargah for a live Qawwali session will leave you mesmerized because it left me for sure.


6- Visit Kerala

Geographically it is the complete travel package – It has everything from serene beaches to scenic hills, from tea & spice plantations to dense forests & calm backwaters. Apart from scenic beauty, it is popular for Ayurvedic treatments, classical dances – Kathakali & Mohiniattam, Kalaripayattu & of course, it’s delicious cuisine.

To all the nature lover’s out there. A trip to God’s own country is a must in your twenties for its enchanting wilderness.


7- Party in Goa

Unarguably, Goa has to be the amongst the first few places to visit in India in your twenties. Young and energetic! Amazing nightlife, variety of booze, Goa has everything to make a trip memorable.


8- Ride on Leh-Ladakh Highway

By any standard and from any perspective, the Leh Manali journey is amazing. With roads that open up for only a few months a year, these 470 km will test you, scare you, shock you and leave you spellbound. You will believe life is beautiful! Leh – Ladakh is on every travel enthusiasts list of places to visit in India before they turn 30. Ride on the crazy winding roads, get stuck in the middle of no where, sleep with the locals and learn to be independent on the desert mountains as you undertake this adventurous journey.


9- Durga Pooja in Kolkata:

The only time when the entire city gathers together to celebrate the much lauded and divine festival, Durga Puja, experience the culture of Bengal in it’s full form. Enjoy the festival with sweets, Bengali delicacies, themed pandal hoppings and grand aartis.


10- Holi celebration in Mathura:

Allow your spirit to soak in the raas-leela of Vrindavan. The place that celebrates Krishna’s living philosophy. The festival is ecstatic to say the least and festival of colors here would the best you’d experience ever in your life. HoliTour.



That’s all for today!

So what are you waiting for? Just pack your bag and leave town.

whatever you’ll explore today will last a lifetime with you.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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