Satellite phones in tourists trekking areas…!!

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“Soon, tourists trekking in areas where there is no connectivity may be allowed to use satellite phones for any emergency.

Indian government is going to allow the use of satellite phones for adventurers, which is most likely to boost tourism in destinations where there is no phone connectivity. Now tourists can contact their near & dear ones in case of emergency while trekking in the remote areas of Ladakh, hiking in Sikkim, exploring the wilderness of Himalayas or doing other such activities in any of the remote areas of India.

This decision is an outcome of the meeting held between home affairs and tourism ministries. Thuraya satellite phones were banned few years ago as it was becoming difficult for intelligence agencies to keep a track of these phones. But now, the home ministry has given its nod to remove the ban on the use of these phones.

Approximately, 200,000 foreign tourists come to India for indulging in adventure and the number of domestic tourists is even higher.

For some years, adventure tour operators were requesting the authorities to lift the ban after tourists witnessed many lethal accidents and life-threatening situations.  “8 out of 10 trips are in the no-connectivity areas like jungles and hills. And it becomes very difficult to contact the outside world for help when tourists suffer from bad health. In these situations, every second is crucial and sometimes we have to wait for 24 hours before someone could actually inform the Air Force about the requirement of a chopper.”

“It is a move that could finally put India on the map as a destination for adventure enthusiasts, the government is likely to lift the ban on use of satellite phones for tourism purposes. This means that tourists trekking in the wilderness in the north-east or skiing in the upper reaches of Himalayas where there is no connectivity can use satellite phones for any emergency.”  -says, Dr Sharad Kumar Jindal, MD, MNM Travels Pvt Ltd. 

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