~Travel the best of India~ #lone_traveler


Lone Traveler! Fascinated as it may seem…

We are now here with some amazing (especially crafted for solo travelers) outdoor spots in India.

Mumbai - Ladakh - Udaipur - Pondicherry - Kerala

Mumbai, Ladakh, Udaipur, Pondicherry, Kerala.

Sight-seeing and going around places with friends or family is always memorable, but going on an expedition alone is a sweet excuse to escape from the world.

There’s a famous saying, “live on your own terms”. If the travel bug have bitten you and want to spend time with yourself, then definitely exploring this wonderful sub-continent can be a true adventure.

India is diverse, not only in its culture, but also in the attractiveness of the places which makes it even more exciting to explore. Travelling in India is a sheer adventure, if one really wants to experience it.

Travelling in India is one hell of a ride. From snow covered Himalayas to the serene backwaters of Kerala, the chaos of the metropolitan and the beaches of Goa, India is a place which will make you fall in love with.

The best way to travel in India to some of the popular destinations is in which a traveler can go unaccompanied and connect him with the nature and enjoy the picturesque panorama. The best part of travelling alone is that you are always among people or the locals all the time, which makes it a happy journey.

1.- Mumbai

The city that never sleeps! Crowded cafes, restaurants, designer boutiques, malls, bustling traffic and overcrowded local trains are what Mumbai is all about. This is one place, where you won’t find yourself lonely. Majority of the locals use the public transport for commuting in the city. If you have a schedule of your own, then taking a taxi or an auto rickshaw is preferable.

2.- Ladakh

Packing your bags and taking a trip in the mesmerizing beauty of this northern tip of India is beyond comparison, stunning mountain ranges, complementing rocky terrain. As this location is on a higher altitude, many first timers suffer from acute mountain sickness. The best way to cope with is avoiding stressful long journeys and drinking plenty of water.

3.- Udaipur

Splendid with its royalty, which is famous all over India, you definitely cannot miss out to visit this authentic place. Palaces of royal dynasties, museums, temples and havelis are some of the major attractions of this place.

4.- Pondicherry

The warm and welcoming city where you cannot run out of the things to do! Travel around this picturesque town admiring the nature while you take a stroll. Enjoy the leisurely meals and experience the peaceful surroundings. Cycling is also one of the options if you want to explore the historic boulevard.

5.- Kerala

A gorgeous city with rich vegetation, slow paced life is good, when you go by yourself on a voyage. Unwind and travel around the peaceful backwaters, enjoy the boat ride and people who like daring adventures can go for trekking in Munnar and Thekkady. If you plan to explore places in Kerala, the best way to travel in India for long distances is rather preferred in trains while shorter routes can be covered in auto rickshaws and taxis. When travelling in India, Kerala should be added in your bucket list of adventures.


Becoming a lone traveler is an exciting experience. Travelling solo in India also comes with some safety measures, as well. Monks-n-monkeys takes the pleasure to assist tourists / travelers in India. It saves them money and also gives them the pleasure to discover the grandeur of this country.


Have rocking days ahead.

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